August 22 - 24, 2012 [ReSource launch, a living thing]
February 1, 2013 [a composting performance]

ReSource 002, transmediale launches COMPOSTING THE CITY - BERLIN
Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien, Berlin, August 22 - 24.

COMPOSTING THE CITY, parallel to COMPOSTING THE NET, examines the organic process of fermentation and degeneration of our daily food scrapes and our shared digital commons. Our daily consumption in the city and on the net guides our navigation through the merged actual/virtual zones. While Composting the City checks in on discarded food scrapes and leftovers; Composting the Net sources the immaterial wealth/junk of net data. The food scraps thrown onto a compost heap are layered and mingled until all traces of identities are erased. On the net, the abundance of info-data sinks into the deep ‘reservoir’ with tags attached.

While Berlin city boasts itself ECO-BIO-CHIC, it maintains a not-so-successful food waste bin system which Berliners seldom utilize. Composting the city proposes a collective composting system built on Bethanien garden and calls for Kreuzberg local residents to ADOPT A COMPOSTER - adopt, claim, explore and further make use of the composter unit for a six month cycle. The food waste which takes 6 month to mature can be regenerated into food production. As a reSource project, Composting the city (Berlin edition) takes the six month period to further study and monitor the composter's temparature/moisture variation activated by the worm action. By February 2013 , a processed/processing city|net composting performance is to be presented during the transmediale while the matured compost prepares the soil for Springtime semination.