BERLIN August 22 - 24 [ReSource launch, a living thing]
Sign up and adopt a composter unit.
each composter unit, a 60cmx40cmx32cm bread crate.
Fill it with your daily vegetable scrapes.
Document your daily food consumption.
Keep the worm alive and active.
Prepare your garden for next Spring with the matured compost.

Collect vegetable scrapes at home
#01 - use a plastic bucket with a lid
#02 - deposit your vegetable scrapes, coffee grounds (no meat), etc.
#03 - sprinkle with a handful of bokashi flakes
#04 - when full, take it to the garden COMPOSTER  
Garden composting with worms 
#01 - use a lidded container that allows air through
#02 - make a base with brown leavs, old papers, soil
#03 - keep worms warm and alive with old sweaters
#04 - deposit your food waste
#05 - tumble through the compost mix sometimes, making it moist and airy.  
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