Paris May 8 - 26 [a prototype, a residency]

La Graine et Le Compost
Refarm the city (Barcelona) develops open tools for urban farmers and dedicates itself in providing people with tools to easily create, manage and visualize their urban farms; bringing the rhythms of nature, her diversity, richness and complexity to citizens; creating social networks, software and hardware to help the production and consumption of products produced locally.

Green Rush (Paris) is a project sharing food talking series. GreenRush (Paris) invites projects, artists, farmers, urbanites, interventionists, advocators, provocateurs, green lovers/haters, eco friends/enemies to review and update the green "business".

Together, they propose a Paris site-specific joint residency to develop a mobile seed|compost exchange ecosystem based on face to face social network and smart phone geolocation interface for a territorial expansion of the network. Seed packets replace tobacco packs in the self-dispensing vending machines found at high human traffic sites. These Dispensing machines convert the euro currency into daily food. Seeds deposited and distributed are tracked with a web interface of their origin, growth and usage (recipe). Exchange bureaus are established when scheduled social gatherings are held. Situated at urban farms and eco-friendly public spaces, food scrapes and leftovers for compost replace Euro as trading currency for seeds. Seeds trade seeds, seeds generate more seeds. Compost collected from local restaurants, bread and vegetable shops and the urbanites are documented. A self-devised compost deposit and collecting system calls for participation of the eco-loving Parisians! Seeds planted held together our collective dreams for growth. Open source compost is sexy with worms in action. The end-of-residency performance brings together worm noise, seed germination, food sharing into a storming love affairs between la Graine et le Compost.

an episode of TAQ (Technologies au Quotidien) residency at Gaite Lyrique, Paris

Documentation of Composter-Composting making.